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Home Buying

Buying a home can seem daunting. With our experience and knowledge of the current market, we can guide you on the path to successful homeownership.  Below is a step-by-step process on what to expect when buying a home.

House Hunting

Family Viewing House

Know your finances - Get pre-approved with a lender. Lenders help you determine what you can afford when you're buying a home. A mortgage pre-approval is a lender's commitment to helping you finance a home up to a certain amount. 

Research market conditions - Understanding the cost of homes near you will help you determine how much to offer on a home. 

Understand what happens when you're ready to make an offer -
Once you've found a house you like, you'll work with your agent to make an offer. Familiarize yourself with the process so you know what to expect.

Made an Offer

Get quotes for inspection services- Home inspectors help identify any underlying issues your home may have—such as problems with the foundation or electrical system. Getting an inspection before closing can help you decide if the home is for you, or whether you want to try to negotiate a better price.

Hire a Real Estate Attorney - A real estate attorney's role is to ensure the legal transfer of property from seller to buyer. 
Understand what happens when you're ready to go under contract - When your offer has been accepted, you'll go under contract.

Climbing a Ladder

Under Contract

Get your home inspected - Inspections are highly recommended to help find any underlying issues that may affect the value of your home and how much work it needs. 

Submit your earnest money - Earnest money is pre determined on your original offer. It is held in escrow until closing day. It ultimately goes towards your down payment at closing.

Get your home appraised - A home appraisal helps determine how much your home is worth. The appraiser is typically chosen by your lender and ordered after the inspection period is complete.
Get quotes and purchase home insurance - You are required by law to get home insurance when you purchase a home. Shop around to find the best deals. Bundling your home, auto, and other insurance can save you money.


Prepare for Closing Day

  • Price out moving companies/rental trucks

  • Attorney will schedule the closing day with a title company

  • Schedule your final walk through

  • Bring your down-payment cashiers check to closing (lender will give you the total)

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